Creative Juice Design Studio brings you a wide range of premium quality stickers, adding a unique flare to your gifts.

This is a fun, convenient and affordable alternative to old-fashioned greeting cards.

Beautifully finished book containing 60 premium stickers. Each book is made up 15 repeats of each of the 4 stickers.


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Personalised Heart-Shaped

stickers perfect for your kids'

Valentines Days favours 

*R85 for a set of 28 Heart Stickers

* excludes delivery

Orders close 8 Feb


with a set of personalised Valentines inspired gift stickers...

*R220 for a book of 60 premium stickers

* excludes delivery

These sets are perfect for use on your Valentines Day spoils,

or to add some love to any gift throughout the year!

Show some love this February



Excl Delivery