Beautifully printed round stickers, 50mm in diameter. Ideal for gift wrapping, and decorating a jar or tin of goodies.

Also great to seal envelopes and gift bags, as well as party packs and so much more!


Beautifully finished book containing 60 premium stickers. Each book is made up 15 repeats of each of the 4 stickers.

Please select your preffered delivery method and provide your text (eg. With Love, the Jones Family).

You can also specify different text for each sticker:

(eg. A) With Love the Jones Family, B) With Love Daniel Jones, C) With Love Talia and Shaun Jones, D) Best Wishes, Daniel and Jonathan)

* Please note: Prices are dollar based for use on Pay Pal, and while every effort is made to keep the price updated, it may fluctuate slightly based on the exchange rate. You are welcome to order via email and do an EFT payment if you prefer. Email:

Round Stickers